headshot of Catherine Brophy

Inspired by Dorothy Draper and Sister Parish, Catherine's work is intuitive and artistic with a dramatic flair. She possesses a rare set of skills and expertise, blending Eastern and Western philosophies into her design work. Catherine believes that your home is a reflection of you — it should not only look like you but more importantly, feel like you. Her award-winning work has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on a variety of websites. 

Though a native New Yorker, Catherine spent childhood summers with her grandparents in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She is heavily influenced by her time with them, which provided a respite from the bustle of New York life. In addition to the natural beauty of the landscape, their home was exquisitely furnished and filled with antiques and beautiful objects. They taught her to respect fine furniture and the art of the well-appointed home. That idyllic locale left Catherine with an appreciation for the natural world we inhabit and planted a seed about the importance of balancing the energy outside with the energy within.

Photo by Nelson Hancock