Client Testimonials:

Here's what some of our clients have to say about working with us:


"We loved every minute of working with Catherine. Her detailed Chinese personality charts blew our minds, and her thorough feng shui map led us to making improvements that changed our lives dramatically. Catherine is extremely personable and articulate and was able to communicate to us everything that needed to happen in our home in order for each member of our family to live a fuller life. Who knew that replacing the sewer line would mean a glamorous new job? Or that changing our daughter’s room would help her sleep better? In Catherine we have found an expert and a friend. We look forward to consulting with her on all future design decisions.”

- Michelle and Jonathan, California 

"It’s not unusual for our cyclical business to be slow in the odd election year, but we were particularly slow in the summer of 2009. The money/prosperity corner of our office is in the kitchen area and we had been storing bottled water, soda, toilet paper and paper towels in that corner for some time. Catherine Brophy suggested we keep that area clear, so we moved everything out of there. Within days of clearing out the money corner, our phone started ringing and we picked up four clients in one week! A few months later we lost a couple of clients and took a look at our money corner to see if there was anything happening there. Some workmen had left their ladder and equipment blocking the corner and the doorway there. We removed the item and literally an hour later, we picked up a new client. It was kind of freaky!"

- Janet, Washington, D.C.

“Catherine is an extraordinarily focused and patient professional. Helping clients rearrange their environments in order to bring peace and stability to the home is salty stuff. Catherine’s directness coupled with her soothing manner makes working with her a pleasure. Catherine provided practical solutions to vexing organizational and design challenges in our home. Catherine made feng shui accessible and understandable (even for the kids). The result is an unbeatable combination – interior design eye with feng shui knowledge. Catherine listened carefully, thought deeply, and as a result connected our surroundings with who we are and where we want to go in life. That was much more than I expected. She’s the real deal."

- Manny, Brooklyn

“Professional, enthusiastic and talented…these words describe Catherine to a “T”. I met her through an article I read in ‘Domino’ Magazine where she had been featured. I wanted to clean up the interior of my living space and feel supported by my surroundings. She not only takes the time to understand you, but also specifically and meticulously orchestrates a plan to better your living/business space. She can take her detailed plans to the next level with interior design and color/texture suggestions that put the icing on the cake! I trust her and regard her as my ‘go to specialist’ when I am moving into a new place or planning my new design for my business . . . she can improve any environment that you spend time in to benefit you!”

- Jodi, New York

"Catherine Brophy is indeed the ultimate Feng Shui Detective. Several years ago we bought an old row house in Brooklyn which needed a gut renovation. During the planning stages Catherine offered a number of highly practical, well-considered recommendations which proved to be brilliant. Seven years into our renovation, the house 'feels' exactly right—calming, yet filled with the kind of creative energy that fuels our family. I was so pleased with the results, I asked Catherine to evaluate my office space. With a number of smart, inexpensive changes, the room is now incredibly peaceful and productive."

- Bertina, Brooklyn

"Catherine provided do-able, real suggestions that were also cost-effective, rooms that were not used at all have an entirely new focus and are more fully integrated into the home. Catherine even suggested that we move our son’s bedroom, and as a result he’s sleeping much better. In addition, she cleaned and cleared the spaces we use heavily, and as a result everyone in the house is happier."

- Charles and Lisa, Brooklyn

"The funny thing is that as soon as I put up a shelf in my relationship corner (literally that day), I met a man that I am madly in love with. I had an orchid plant there for a while that had stems. One day, I felt very overwhelmed with the relationship and I realized that one of the stems had died. I quickly removed it. Also, I keep flowers in my money corner and when I do, I get lots of calls for work. It’s a funny thing."

- Juli, New York