Feng Shui

While each project is unique, there are three components to my typical process: you, your space, and you in your space. While feng shui means harmonizing and aligning people in their environments, I like to think of it as design for intentional living. 

Ephemeris & Ba Tsu Chart

The first step is your Ba Tsu chart, which I generate in Chinese. This energetic and elemental personal birth chart provides lifelong information for your ideal environment and reveals a clear design direction.  

Lou Pan: Chinese Compass

Lo Shu Plan

Then, utilizing a Chinese compass, I take readings and examine the space itself architecturally, physically and energetically and provide recommendations and remedies as necessary.

The last step involves integrating your personal energy and needs into your home or workspace. This is key as it allows your surroundings to help you get what you want, supporting you from within. A magical practice, feng shui is also logical, practical and achievable. I find it endlessly satisfying to witness people break through barriers and fulfill their dreams.

The Lo Shu Plan takes the Eight Points, aligned with the eight cardinal directions, and shows me where those areas of life exist in a client's home.

The floor plan above belongs to a couple who were going through some hard times. After consulting their ba tau charts, I was able to look at their Lo Shu Plan and pinpoint the areas of life that needed help. We focused on altering the layout, furnishings, and location of some rooms and their troubles resolved.